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Website URL :
Expert Author : Arnel Ricafranca
Positive / Negative Qualities :16total yes /18total no
Satisfactory Quality :+1+1+1+1+1-1-1-1-1-147.06%
Site Created Since : 03-01-2009
Current Price :$97 for 2-year Membership
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Does It Really Work?

We having been tracking the popularity rankings for the past 60 days. Screenshots of this product will be updated every 6 to 12 months. The rankings are influenced by the number of total sales per week, and number of total refunds per week. From this chart you can gauge if the product is doing well based on the experience of other consumers who has tried this product.

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How is the Support System?
There is a F.A.Q. section no (or not mentioned)
Support through membership forums YES !
There’s a support team waiting on you 24/7 no (or not mentioned)
You can ask quick questions through live chat no (or not mentioned)
How Valuable is the Content?
Different exercises for men & women no (or not mentioned)
You can finish a routine set under an hour no (or not mentioned)
You’re taught unique strategies YES !
Flexible for those with long working hours no (or not mentioned)
Suitable for young & old people no (or not mentioned)
Is it Certified as Credibility?
Certified as Quality Site by no (or not mentioned)
Featured in popular fitness magazines no (or not mentioned)
Endorsed by other fitness experts no (or not mentioned)
How Are The Training Materials?
Written in easy-to-understand english no (or not mentioned)
Coaches you through audio mp3 YES !
Detailed training in digital PDF ebook format YES !
Watch the regimes in streaming video YES !
Does It Really Work?
Has user testimonials inside the website YES !
Has user testimonials outside the website no (or not mentioned)
Has been top 10 bestseller for over 60 days no (or not mentioned)
Minimum Requirements Before Using The Product
Can be used if you’re a beginner YES !
You can use free weights or body weights YES !
You can work out at home YES !
Can be used if you frequent the gym YES !
Is it’s Bonuses Value For Money?
Promises you 100% money back guarantee YES !
Instantly lets you download after payment YES !
You will receive lifetime future product updates no (or not mentioned)
Let’s you try out first before you buy no (or not mentioned)

Find Out More How This Program Can Benefit You

Arnel Ricafraca owned two more six pack abs website at and before beginning a membership site at Instead of writing a series of ebooks with photos on getting six pack abs, Arnel made it all into video format where anyone can watch exactly how to, for example, abdominal crunches.

Especially for beginners, the videos will serve as a wonderful guide to the basics of getting six pack abs. Videos definitely beats glancing over black and white or colored pictures. However you only get to watch those videos for the duration of your membership. Beyond the videos, you get valuable information sent to your e-mail in addition to the bonus received.

Beyond Six Pack Abs costs $97 for two years worth of membership. There are cheaper alternatives out there such as The Truth About Six Pack Abs which only offers their customers an ebook at more than half the price. If you decide that this program does not work for you, you can issue for a refund for all your money (be it the full version or trial period), and you get to keep all the bonuses that came together with it.

Although inside Beyond Six Pack Abs has a wonderful forum for members, its home page does not provide any access to contact Arnel. No emails, contact form or even an F.A.Q. section! Maybe the website is new thus explaining the bad web design and lack of support in taking care of interested potential members.

See The Guarantee


This product is lifetime 100% money back guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied for any reason at all (or for no reason whatsover) simply tell me and I’ll immediately give you a refund with no questions asked.

And to further ‘sweeten the pot’, you can keep the free bonus as my gift, even if you decided to ask for a refund.

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You’ll Get These Bonuses

  1. FREE Beyond Six Pack Abs Insiders Secrets every month delivered straight to your e-mail inbox for 2 years.
    1. Beyond Six Pack Abs Insider Secrets is a downloadable report delivered straight to your inbox every month for 2 years. Arnel Ricafranca revealed his latest workout tips, nutrition tips, workout programs, meal plans, exercise of the month, workout program of the month, exercise of the month, receipe of the month, and fitness expert interviews delivered to your inbox.
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